The Word Rails Beta is Live and we have already received some wonderful feedback from our beta testers!


“I enjoyed the simplicity of the game and multiple ways to enjoy it (speed vs word length).  It was easy to start playing without any type of tutorial.”

“I really enjoyed the overall aspect of the game. While similar to other word game apps that I’ve played before, this one is a bit more unique in allowing boosts, allowing you to play around until you can’t find words to match anymore. The boosts/power-ups you can use by purchasing coins are really great too and I do love how this app doesn’t seem to be so focused on the paywall as much. You can easily earn the coins by playing the rounds and it feels like it’s a lot more relaxing to play because of this.”

“Love everything about this app. It’s the way word games should be”

Really amazing to finally see real players engage with the game and brainstorming ideas on how we can make it better. It’s a dream come true!

Soft launch across both iOS and Android is coming soon!

(All bad feedback was printed out, burned, and the ashes were divided and buried in undisclosed locations throughout the world and sealed with magic.)

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