Who we are

Hello! My name is Chad, and I have been creating games for most of my life. Summer Door Studios’ first game, Word Rails, is the realization of a game that I have been longing to build for over a decade (the original prototype was built for a Nokia 8210 – yes, I’m old). When I discovered that one of my children was autistic and hyperlexic (they have a precocious ability to read) and also loved playing games, I knew I had to commit to bring Word Rails to life so we could connect and play it together.


Fun, not fluff. Your gaming time is precious and all-too-limited. We strive to create games that are quick to get into and start playing without artificial roadblocks. We hope that our approach to making games attracts players who are fed up with the status quo and demand more from their games.

Save the Words, Save the World

A desire of mine since the inception of Word Rails was to see if we could make a game that could also make the world a better place to live in. With Word Rails, we introduce community-driven Save The Words, Save the World Events where we all work towards a common in-game goal. If we hit our goal, Summer Door Studios will make a special charitable donation on behalf of our players.

Thank You.

Summer Door Studios wouldn’t be possible without our loyal players. You are the reason we can build experiences like Word Rails. We hope that this is just the beginning. Thank you to the risk takers helping fuel new game concepts and allowing companies like ours to thrive.

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